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15 - 37kW Rotary Screw Air Compressor

15 - 37kW Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Detailed Description

Evolution™ rotary screw air compressors are designed to provide ease of operation, low maintenance, and reliable air supply. When you choose Evolution, you have selected the compressor rated highly for its performance and reliability. ; Each new feature of the Evolution rotary screw air compressor contributes to an overall design that answers all the concerns with real-world advantages in performance and value.


  • Designed for High Flow

The 4-75 kW Rotary Screw Compressor provides a reliable compressed air solution, with the highest performance. We ensure that you get maximum flow with same kW range

  • 3 Stage Separation

Oil separation is one in 3 stages which ensures minimum oil carry over. Combined with EvolutionTM Dryer and Filters ensures your need for compressed air.

  • Filtration

Evolution dryers and filters ensure that you get constant dew point even in hot tropical conditions. Pre and after filters filtrate up to 0.01 ppm level. This ensures that the color sorter machine is protected from all oil, dirt, and moisture.

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